Hire a Driver on the Amalfi Coast


Book a Sauced & Found hired car to get you around the Amalfi Coast. Whether you are seeking full day Amalfi Coast tours or transportation from Naples to the Amalfi Coast or Gulf of Sorrento, we have the transportation solution for you. We accept both advances and last minute transportation booking and will send you a tailor made estimate based on your transportation needs. Please consult our price list below for common fares and send us a request for an estimate.  

Naples to Amalfi Coast

Starting at 150 Euro

Amalfi Coast to Pompeii

Starting at 100 Euro

Naples to Bomerano (Pathway to the Gods)

Starting at 200 Euro

Positano to Bomerano

Starting at 100 Euro

Positano to Sorrento

Starting at 100 Euro

Positano to Ravello

Starting at 100 Euro