All in Breakfast

Frittata con Rucola

The frittata isn’t fancy—though the word has a nice ratatata ring to it.   There is also nothing particularly creative about the humble frittata.  It is simply a dish made at the last minute for a hungry family, or carried to the beach for a convenient picnic.  In my case, it is usually a “meal” consumed in a frenzy after returning home from a long day at the beach, and a several hours on a public bus.  Lately, I have been adding arugula because it grows wild like a weed in our garden, and given all of the time spent in beaches and busses, I can’t be bothered to grocery shop.  We have literally been reduced to eating garden weeds and breakfast for dinner due to my housewifely negligence.. This week has been no different. 

Zeppole di San Giuseppe

March 19th is the day of Saint Giuseppe. It is special in our house because it is my fiancé, Giuseppe’s Saint Day.  As with most Saint Day’s in Italy, there is a special sweet treat that we eat to commemorate the day. On March 19th throughout all of Naples, we make the traditional Zeppole of Saint Giuseppe.  Zeppole are donut like in texture and appearance and for Saint Giuseppe’s day, we fill these little donuts with pastry cream and top them with Amarena sour cherries.