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Calamari e Piselli (Squid & Peas)

am pretty sure that Pescheria Azurra lets everyone pay with a credit card now, but what do I know.  

With the spring reticently rolling around, the iconic preparation of braised squid and peas is a Neapolitan tradition.  I make this recipe just as the fresh peas appear at Pignasecca and I use medium sized adult squid.  In Naples we enjoy squid on Fridays because we still eschew meat for borderline spiritual, mostly superstitious reasons that day. You do you!

Spezzatino con Piselli (Stewed Beef and Peas)

Then I remembered I had about 4 kilos of fresh peas to shuck.  I also remembered something somebody like Dr. Weil or Lao Tzu or Dr. Phil or Dr. Seuss once said about keeping your hands busy with something productive when anxiety strikes.  And while I was unsure of the provenance of this sage advice, I am pretty sure that the intended activity was not freebasing aspirin and furiously typing outlandish word combinations into 21st century search engines.  Fucking envelope. Fucking post office.   Fucking peas.  I shucked and contemplated.  It almost felt as if I were reciting a novena, peas in place of the rosary.