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Ragù alla Napoletana (Sunday Sauce)

The first time I experienced Neapolitan Ragu was after attending a three hour long Sunday procession of the Madonna in Naples.  While I enjoyed the mass, this dish felt like the ultimate reward for my three hours of Sunday penance parading behind a very large, disturbingly life-like statue of the Virgin Mary.  Ragu is a typical Sunday dish throughout Southern Italy, and now that I have learned to make it, Giuseppe and his family have entrusted me with its preparation every Sunday. Of course what they don't realize is that making this dish is the perfect excuse for not attending three hour long masses.  I make the Ragu with Giuseppe's 88 year old mother and we watch mass on TV.  It's the perfect solution for everyone. The family eats, and thanks to the national television broadcast of Sunday mass in Italy, my eternal soul is not in jeopardy.