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Sauced & Found

Kristin Melia formed Sauced & Found in 2015 as a way to connect with old friends and new and share regional Italian recipes she picked up along the way. It was her sincerest hope that Sauced & Found would simply be a way for her to avoid becoming the clichéd American ex-pat in the suffocatingly beautiful world that is the Amalfi Coast. Sauced & Found has since evolved into a one-stop boutique food and travel services company. We offer customizable event planning, private chef services and  food and wine tours throughout the Region of Campania which includes Napoli, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Particularly we showcase local talent in the fields of food and wine production including mozarella pullers, wine and limoncello makers and San Marzano tomato growers.

Today Sauced & Found proudly boasts a team of trained and certified local chefs, tour guides and sommeliers. Each member of this team contributes to what makes Sauced & Found unique-- dedication to the land we cultivate and live on the people who visit it. For us the Amalfi Coast is God's country and when you visit you deserve a little piece of heaven- and maybe a glass of wine and plate of spaghetti all vongole. 



Kristin once worked in Washington DC as a civil servant. One fateful September in 2013, the United States Federal Government shutdown while she was in Positano. Kristin decided it was time for a change of scenery and career and she stayed in Italy. Today she curates bespoke travel and dining experiences for visitors to Italy. When she’s not cooking, eating or writing about food, she’s somewhere on the Coast of Italy looking for her next adventure.

Luca Rainone, Head Chef

Born and raised in Naples, Luca has worked in a cook in professional kitchen and farms in Italy, Greece and the United States. He loves his tabby cat Manny, Maradona and the Cyclades.

Rachel Stallard, Marketing Director

You can always catch Rachel with her camera in one hand and chocolate in the other. Rachel is from the beautiful state of Ohio and is currently studying abroad in Sorrento, Italy. While majoring in Marketing and Business Management, she is excited to express herself creatively through her work.