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Naples Walking & Food Tour

Sauced & Found offers daily culinary tours from Piazza Dante in Naples with stops in the Centro Storico and the Pignasecca Market region. Your guide is a talented culinary historian with a healthy appetite and a hungry soul. This experience highlights the rich gastronomic traditions of the ancient city. Your guide provides a private glimpse into the bakeries, pizzerias and professional kitchens of Bella Napoli. You begin with a traditional, rich Neapolitan espresso at the famous Bar Mexico.  Then you walk deep into the historic center to try a Neapolitan savory favorite, tarallo- a flaky, donut shaped almond pastry.  No trip is complete without a visit to Naples’only limoncello distillery, Limone, located above the ancient catacombs of the city with Roman cisterns still present on the site.  The tour proceeds down the old Greek boulevard of Via Tribunale with stops along the way for a cup of fried fish and a traditional ricotta stuffed pastry known as sfogliatella.  Finally we cross into the Pignasecca Market neighborhood, home to the oldest open-air market in Naples.  This is what you might call the ‘real Naples.’  Here we taste a series of local wines including the richly volcanic Aglianico and Falanghina, both from ancient grapes brought to Naples by the original Greek settlers from Troy.  We conclude with the Neapolitan favorite of pizza.  After a brief demonstration with a local pizzaiolo, we eat a Margherita pizza.  Taste Bella Napoli!

  • 1000 Meet at Piazza Dante

  • 1015 Traditional Espresso Bar Mexico

  • 1045 Tarallo Tasting

  • 1115 Limoncello Distillery

  • 1200 Cupetiello of Local Fish

  • 1230 Sfogliatella Pastry

  • 1300 Pignasecca MarketTour

  • 1345 Local Wine Tasting

  • 1400 Pizza Demonstration and Lunch

95 1-5 people | 85 € 5-10 people | 75 € 10+

*Costs include all food, wine and taxes (IVA). Customized tours and pick-up locations available upon request.