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Naples Walking & Food Tour

Whether enjoying a Sunday lunch in famiglia or a Friday night pizza, Naples is an undeniable food town.  To understand Naples, one must understand the topography or her neighborhoods. 

The verticality of this town means that each zone has its own culture, cuisine and dialect.  As the old Neapolitan dictate goes, eat ragù in landlocked Forcella, broccoli on the agrarian hilltop of Vomero and mussels in the seaside borgo of Posillipo. Learn More


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The Amalfi Coast is suffocatingly beautiful.  With a jagged coastline and pastel buildings encrusted into harrowing cliffs, it is hard to know where to look next.  Architectural and natural beauty compete for attention and the first time visitor is simply left agog in a powerful state of sensory overload. 

Sauced & Found started its culinary journeys on the tippy top of the Amalfi Coat in the agrarian town of Agerola.  Years later, we continue to feature tours of the region for the adventurous traveller seeking a glimpse of the extraordinary every day lives of the region’s residents.  



Let’s get one thing straight, Tuscan Wines are good, but the buck doesn’t stop with Brunello.  There are many other excellent wines throughout Italy.  The vineyards surrounding Napoli and the larger region of Campania are a good place to start if you are interested in the ancient history of grapes and Italy.  Also a winsome region if you like getting sauced.