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The Best Restaurants in Sorrento


Maybe it’s working in the food industry that causes me to be so particular about where I eat when I eat out.  I like honest peasant food that is of the moment and the place.  I don’t like cinema.  I don’t like pizzazz. Give me a plate of pasta and beans and I am happy.  Give me a plate of pasta and freshly harvested borlotti beans that nonna shucked herself and I am ecstatic.  The truth is that not many such restaurants exist in Sorrento. But I have managed to ferret a few out and here are my top five.  

A Guide to the Amalfi Coast and Beyond

Most of the visitors to our little region of Italy, technically referred to as the Region of Campania, blow through Naples on their way to the Amalfi Coast.  The Region of Campania actually consists of five provinces Naples, Salerno, Avellino, Caserta and Benevento.  The Amalfi Coast is in the Province of Salerno.  The Gulf of Sorrento and Capri are in the Province of Naples.  It is important to remember that culturally, historically, geographically and even linguistically and culinarily the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Sorrento are two distinct regions.  Many like to think of Sorrento as the gateway to the Amalfi Coast.  Fair enough, it is certainly a convenient and less expensive place to stay and use as a home base when exploring the towns of the Amalfi Coast. 

Five Unforgettable Views on the Gulf of Sorrento

There’s a reason one of Italy’s most famous songs is called Turna a Sorriento—Return to Sorrento.  The contrast between jagged mountains of Sorrento and her sparkling seas below is simply irresistible. So much so that it causes one to euphorically burst into song. Walking along the promenades of Sorrento, the trails of Sant’Agata and the marinas of Massa Lubrense make one appreciate the juxtaposition of mare and monti here.  There is something bewitching about this region.  Perhaps that’s why legend suggests this is where the sirens attempted to ensnare Ulysses with their dulcet voices.  This is siren country.  This is Sorrento.  These are our favorite views.