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What is DOC?

Italy protects its food and wine with a variety of control designations. Learn about these designations with the helpful Sauced & Found guide to IGP, DOP, DOC and DOCG. Become and educated consumer and have fun tasting the foods of Italy in the process.

The Courses of an Italian Meal

The Italian meal is more marathon than sprint. Actually, more accurately, the Italian meal is a languorous amble down a country road with ample comfort breaks and conversation. I fondly recall my first real Italian meal at a country inn somewhere on a hilltop in Val d’Orcia.  On break from my real job in Rome working as a contractor for the British Government, I was eager to burn through my generous per diem- the same per diem that my more prudent colleagues would use to pay off their student loans. 

How to Cook Pasta

I did not know the first thing about making pasta.  In the not so distant past, I often boiled pasta to oblivion and then left it in the cooling water before draining it in a colander because I was simply too busy doing something else- something important like watching Netflix or reading US Weekly magazine.  Many often think of pasta as a kind of last resort meal alternative to ordering take-out.  Boil water, throw in pasta and then throw whatever is in fridge together and eat- preferably standing up while simultaneously clicking away on phone, watching Netflix and posting solipsistic photos on Instagram.  Pasta really can be that easy to make.  And it definitely is a viable and potentially healthful alternative to freebasing Uber Eats.  It also can be incredibly elegant and infinitely more satisfying when following a few essential chronological cooking tips towards making the perfect plate of pasta.