Amalfi Coast Food Tours



Amalfi Coast Food Tours

The Amalfi Coast is suffocatingly beautiful.  With a jagged coastline and pastel buildings encrusted into harrowing cliffs, it is hard to know where to look next.  Architectural and natural beauty compete for attention and the first time visitor is simply left agog in a powerful state of sensory overload.  Sauced & Found started its culinary journeys on the tippy top of the Amalfi Coat in the agrarian town of Agerola.  Years later, we continue to feature tours of the region for the adventurous traveller seeking a glimpse of the extraordinary every day lives of the region’s residents.  

The most historically important town of the Amalfi Coast is the town of Amalfi, one of the original maritime republics of Italy.  Before Italy united in 1861, the country was a collection of independent kingdoms and republics.  The fortune few were incredibly wealthy maritime republics including Genova, Venice, Pisa and lastly Amalfi.  

The Duchy of Amalfi thrived in the 11th century as a strategically located trading outpost valued for its proximity to the Ottoman Empire.  At the time, Barbary pirates were known to raid low-lying seaside borgos and as a defensive tactic, many early city centers took to the ragged cliffs of the surrounding coast.  Fisherman and mariners painted their homes in vibrant colors through the ages to be able to recognize them from afar.  The result is many of the pastel towns you find in unlikely rock outcroppings that form the storied Amalfi Coast.

By the mid 11th century the Amalfi Republic faded into the annals of history.  Competing maritime republics and Barbary pirates had sacked her for good.  Centuries later she was absorbed into Naples’ Kingdom of Two Sicilies and for nearly 600 years the famous towns of Positano and Praiano were merely fishing villages in unlikely, difficult to access grottos and cliffs. 

Following World War II, intellectuals and GIs that enjoyed Capri began making their way to Positano.  The town quickly transformed into an artistic haven with the still existent Buca di Bacco Bar hosting Steinbeck, Picasso and Graham Greene throughout the years.  Later in the 1960s the Rolling Stones stomped around the region and the late Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend was known to run around the shores of Positano’s Laurito beach topless.  

By the 1990s Positano had settled into her reputation as a major Italian tourist destination known for striking views and wholesome linen clothing.  Today the original character of the Amalfi Coast can remain somewhat illusive in the midst of all the tourist cacophony.  Sauced & Found’s tours offer an opportunity to imagine the Amalfi Coast as it once was while exploring the food artisans and craftsman that will thrust the region into the future.  

Tour the coast by private coach with Kristin Melia stopping along the way to sample local delights including Fiori di Latte Cheese, Sorrentine Tomatoes, Colatura of Alici, Lemon Granita and Limoncello. Kristin will explain the rich gastronomic history of this storied stretch of coastline while you eat and drink to your heart’s content. The tour concludes with a full Italian lunch in a private villa overlooking the coast.