Who am I?


I am Kristin. I used to be a no nonsense civil servant in Washington DC.  One summer several years ago I had the temerity to go on vacation in Positano, where I met a nice older gentleman named Giuseppe.  Three years later, I quit my job, moved to Europe and married him, sort of in that order.  I now split my time between Napoli and the Amalfi Coast.  I put my education and professional experience to great use as unwitting pizza lady, ingredient forager, mozzarella puller, tomato taster and occasional grape stomper. 

What is Sauced & Found?

I started Sauced & Found in 2013 when I was living in a dreary studio apartment in Grenoble, France and had nothing better to do with myself than cook Neapolitan style ragu over a hot plate that rather dubiously masqueraded as my cook top.  In the meantime, I have moved back to the South of Italy with my now husband Giuseppe.  We have a farm and a vineyard, and a house that has been in a constant state of renovation (Neapolitan disrepair) for the last 18 months.  To tame my histrionics and make myself feel somewhat useful, I write about the food I make, and share with all of you.  The recipes are seasonal. The results palatable.  The stories on the other hand, well.. I'll just say you are in for a real Neapolitan treat. 

So...Mangiamo! Let's eat!